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Where Can I Find the Perfect

Ok, now what? BRIDE


Yours in Bridal


Angelino Magazine

We have a nice little mention in Angelino magazine. LA, here we come!

Daily Glow

Fix those sun damaged locks. Kerrie Urban will give you a flawless how-to!

Total Beauty Q&A

Your Summer Hair Problems Solved!

Health Magazine

Tips and tricks for your Top 5 hair Bummers!

Real Beauty

Fix those dry locks!

Gaga Fashionland


Glamazons Blog

Beauty and the Feast


7 Copy-Worthy Curly Haircuts

Read Michaels advice and tips and tricks for the gorgeous celebrity do’s on Total Beauty!

11 Tips for Gorgeous Curls

Read this article from Total Beauty to learn about maintaining and keeping the perfect curls! Michael will not steer you wrong!

The Fashion Spot

Need to learn how to get your hair as the stars do? Read these tips from Michael to be there in no time!

The Examiner

Read Michael’s interview in the always good examiner. Tips tricks and secrets revealed!

Beauty and the Feast

We like to get written about, it means we are doing something right! Come jump on board and be a part!

Beauty and the Feast

Modern Salon

We are so happy to announce Michael has made the select few on the list from Modern Salon, The ones to Watch!

The Village Voice Best of 2010 Award

We could not be happier! Rated THE BEST by the VILLAGE VOICE for 2010.  We like to gloat with our awards.

Merci New York

Our part in the White Hot Style Shop went off with out a hitch! BRIDES Magazine really knows how to throw a party. We are just happy to get another mention!

Life Love Beauty

Well we are just tickled pink and honored to have our second write up with Life Love beauty.  Please read on if you want those how-to tips for the perfect marcel wave!


We were so happy to be a part of the GreenShows!


Wait a second, the Examiner for the second time!

Family Circle

Need help with those curls? Read on for Michaels help

Four Green Steps

NYC Eco Fashion Week, we enjoyed it!–the-greenshows

Live Strong

Read on how to get healthy, thick, voluminous hair.

Vital Juice

We are so proud of Kerrie Urban, she was the head of 10 fashion shows for Fashion Week 2010

Pure Philosophy

Well go ahead, read about us.

Sexy Eco Style

Well, we are sexy, eco, and boy do we style!

Shine on Yahoo!

We like when Yahoo! writes about us!

The Alternative Consumer

Why yes, we are behind the green state of mind

Fall Fashion Week 2010 Papierdoll

We enjoy all the press. We cant complain!



Have flat hair? Read about how to fix it with some tips from HRS!

Wal Land

We love to give pointers, we are just glad Wal Land is helping us spread the word!


We think Glamour is glamourous, especially when they write about us!

Life Love Beauty

We are all about Life, Love and Beauty, so this is perfect!

Allure Magazine

Well, aren’t we just tickled pink! Thanks Allure!

New York Times

There is not enough excitement that can be expressed, our very own James Vincent in the New York Times!  We are so proud of him!

AOL PopEater

We were lucky enough to be on the set for Roxy Olin’s AOL PopEater interview! Go ahead, read and check out her look!


Being included in this article just insures HRS is a leader. The future of retail, bringing the store / service to the consumer. Go ahead, read it.


It is such a thrill to have the Thrillist writing about us. We love the press!

New York Examiner

We cant complain, even the NY Examiner likes us!

Beauty by Benz

HRS loves when the press comes to visit! Thank you so much for stopping by. We loved your company!

Hair Junky

Hey! Is that Johnny we see in this article? Good job Johnny!

Beauty Riot

It was such a treat for Michael when Beauty Riot called to get his advice on how to do the top looks of the season. Check it out!

Daily Candy

Have you heard of Daily Candy? Who hasn’t! HRS was lucky enough to have a full article written about us. We like reading our own press, we know you will too!

American Salon

Now this was a treat! American Salon is the go to magazine in the Salon industry. They reached out to us. How exciting!


Well, we think we should go home with you too!


We know fashion, we know photography. Any better of a place for our work to be?


Another press hit? We cant be happy enough!

Mama’s a Rolling Stone

Way to go James! We are always so proud to have you with our team!

My Shopping Connection

Well, I think its obvious we like to brag. Way to go Michael!

New York Post

Page 6!? Could there be no higher honor than this? Michael’s life is now complete.


Well, we too think we are good for a night out on the town! Thanks VIVmag!

News And Beauty

Well the title sums it up, we are news, and we offer beauty!

Dirty Flaws

This was such a fun shoot for us! Got dirty and had a good time!


I know, we think we are InStyle too!